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Gnarly Home Crafters

Rocky Mountain Style. Blue Ridge Mountain Living.

To bridge the divide between the rugged outdoors and modern comfort, Gnarly Homes finds inspiration in the majesty of nature and all those drawn to it.

We create stunning structures of timber, glass, and stone that feel as open as the mountain air, bathed inside and out with forest-filtered natural light, situated on horizons our homes highlight rather than diminish. 

Drawing inspiration from Colorado contemporary Rocky Mountain cabins and the open format and minimalism of coastal vacation homes, Gnarly Home Crafters brings an arresting, cohesive, and easily recognizable style to the Blue Ridge Mountains. No one does it quite like this, and we know you’ll be able to tell the difference.

Unpretentiously modern. Unassumingly luxurious.

With intention in every feature, and attention to every detail. Often imitated, but never equaled, each Gnarly Home feels at once both timeless and individual. For those for whom nothing less will do.

Choose today from one of Gnarly’s site-integrated and exclusive custom home and land packages or secure one of our signature home plans to build on your own mountain property. Either way, you’ll get meticulous craftsmanship and design seamlessly joined with impeccable and unmistakable style.

Continue your journey in a Gnarly Home today.

Signature Home Plans

View our Signature Home Designs, ready-to-build on your own land and each with our distinctive style.

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SIgnature Homes For Sale

View our house and land packages, hand-picked Blue Ridge properties with site-situated custom Gnarly homes, fully furnished and ready for move-in.

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Gnarly Home Crafters For Those For Whom Nothing Less Will Do.


We don’t make cookie-cutter houses, and we aren’t following fads or imitating trends. Each of our homes and designs uniquely complements the land and your personal style.


As Blue Ridge Mountain locals, we have years of real estate, design, construction, and project management experience to make sure your home or home design works exactly according to plan.


Making a home in the mountains is a personal, not merely a business, decision. We build homes and designs with the care we would give our own homes. Because we’re not making sales first, but neighbors.